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Computer Lab

Computer lab is equipped with a network of 40 computers having Broad Band connection, scanner, projectors and latest training software. Through internet students take ‘sips’ from the vast sea of knowledge. It makes the scientific knowledge of the students more impressive effective and practical.

Math Lab

In order to facilitate the students, a mathematic lab has been setup in the school. This lab not only helps the students to understand the mathematics concepts easily but the students also develop a keen interest in mathematics.

Science Lab

Well equipped and modernized Physics, Chemistry and Biology composite lab provides the practical knowledge in the sphere of science and puts it on firm footing to make it everlasting. Students under the able guidance of well experienced science teacher are learning the science through practicals.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Our School has establish privillage to be the only school in District Kathua and among only a few schools of Jammu & Kashimir to have been selected for the establishment of Atal Tinkering Labs. Atal Tinkring Lab in this school was inagurated in the school by Hon’ble Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly Dr. Nirmal Kumar Singh on 23rd October, 2018 and the students are practising innovative ideas in lab.


A well furnished library has been updated with latest competitive books, reference books, text books, daily news papers, magazines and periodicals on different subjects and books on current affairs. The students can avail this facility only after getting library card which is issued by the library incharge.

Transport Facility

School provides conveyance to the students through a fleet of 03 buses. All buses are fully puffed with all the safety measures to meet the required pairameters as First-Aid-Box, Fire-Extingusiher, particulars of the students boarding the bus etc.

Music Room

The school has a provision of well – equipped vocal music and instrumental music at its campus where the students are trained in various forms of preforming arts.

Activity Room

The school has modern aesthetically designed activity room. It is equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems and can accommodate upto 500 persons. The activity room is used far various intra school and inter school competition and functions. In addition, it is also a venue for various workshops, seminars and conferences.

Bridging The Gap Between School
and Home


Vidya Bharti believes the family atmosphere, so the home visits by Sant Bal Yogeshwar Bhartiya Vidya Mandir teachers have been found to be very effective in fostering strong bond between school and home as well as between teachers and their students. Last year 535 such visits were conducted by our teachers.

E-Watch Facility

The school has also started the E-Watch facility. The school is under the strict observation of the CCTV for the safety of our school students.