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01 10th of April Session Opening
02 27th of April to 2nd of May Monthly Class Test’s(Online)
03 8th of May Parents Teacher Meeting
04 15th of June to 15th July Summer Vocation
05 22nd of Juune to 1st August Periodic Test-1(Online Mode)
06 25th of August Parents Teacher Meeting(Online)
07 14th of September to 19th of September Monthly Class Test(Onlie Mode)
08 5th of October to 10th of October Monthly Class Test(Online Mode)
09 19th of October to 31st of October Half Yearly Exam(Online Mode)
10 19th of November to 21st of November Parents Teacher Meeting(Wingwise)
11 21st of December to 26th of December Monthly Class Test(Online Mode)
12 27th of December to 31st of December Winter Vocations
13 4th of January to 16th of January Periodic Test(Wing-wise) Online
14 28th of January to 30th of January Class-Wise
15 15th of February to 20th of February Monthly Class Test
16 4th of March to 17th of March Annual Exams(2020-21)
17 29th of March Parents Teacher Meeting